Caption it: Shooting range

April 24th, 2014

Dallas Archer, 19.


Police found a “22-caliber revolver inside her crotch. After checking gun records, police learned the gun was reported stolen in 2013.”


In search of … the perfect ass

April 24th, 2014

in searchLost civilizations. Extraterrestrials. Ass. In Search of… cameras are traveling the world, seeking out these great mysteries.

This program is the result of the work of scientists, researchers and a group of highly skilled tradesmen.


We all know it exists … or does it?

Typical afternoon on South America's famed Culo Beach

Typical afternoon on South America’s famed Culo Beach

Tradesmen risk jail time for it.

Ass was the most highly prized commodity on yesteryear's NASCULO race circuit.

Ass is still a prized commodity on the NASCULO race circuit.

Captains get lost at sea trying to stab it.

Ass can interrupt the busiest of days – 5 days in a row.

But does a perfect ass exist?

Great white ass – could it be perfect?

Hunger will drive men to madness and ass to vengeful destruction.

Have we pinpointed the perfect ass? You be the judge.

Join us next week as we explore the mists of time in search of Thick Joe…

That’s only her opinion

April 24th, 2014

Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea: “Buying my album for $12 doesn’t mean you get to finger me when I come to your city.”


Opening line from her biggest hit “Pussy”:

Iggy Iggy pussy illy
wetter than the amazon
taste this kitty

… you get the idea.

Iggy performing at Glastonbury Festival

Iggy performing at Glastonbury Festival

Iggy rocking in Austria

Iggy rocking in Austria

Attn: You may not finger the idiot.

Much ado at 6969 Caca Ave.

April 23rd, 2014


Official ‘do not bully’ tattoos released into the wild

April 23rd, 2014

No one wants to be pounded senseless by a bully’s merciless jugs.

No match: Bully’s juggo takes out a blonde’s trachea

So general citizenry has developed an ink based warning-system.

For ladies, this intricate “jolly dodger” warns bullies to take their deeds elsewhere.

Meanwhile many gentlemen have been sporting 93 Rocking the Quad Cities tattoos on their foreheads to effectively ward off giant titties …


… who can afford not to consider this option?