FOK: Melissa Rivers

October 22nd, 2014

Potentially the Jew Coup Cash Bonanza of year, Melissa is not bad for 46 – particularly when you request she leave her mask & snorkel on. Not that bad for 26 even.


Remember, courtesy of Joan she comes with:

• $70 million cash

• $35 million apartment

• 13 year old son.

Picture lounging on a nice couch eating the best takeout the Upper East Side can offer; a regular stipend for regular trips to the track; schlepping to the temple for the high holidays (oy!); occasional banging of maids (the squatter and more Hispanic the better – this way when you get caught she will be more confused than angry); and be sure to ignore any disturbing behavior patterns of that teenager you’re sharing your giant digs with – he’ll be gone soon enough.

This might appeal, so … fill or kill? I think I’m on the go-team here.

Shots fired: Canada

October 22nd, 2014


Details sketchy, but they’re saying a Mountie got him.

Wonder if the “religion of peace” PR flaks who’ll excuse this as a one-time event relevant to nothing … just like they way they won’t acknowledge this: ‘Radicalized’ Quebec Attacker Martin Rouleau Is Already Being Martyred by ISIS Fighters


Paying her debt to society

October 22nd, 2014


Well, look who’s back and drinking the fruits of freedom?

It’s Colleen Shannon, the criminal DJ who couldn’t spin herself out of a jail sentence.


She got nailed sneaking her boyfriend, not a US citizen, across the border from Canada.

You see, the United States takes illegal immigration very seriously and is happy to jail anyone who engages in this practice to ensure that no one else sneaks into the country.


It was a nice try, Colleen. We hear you learned first hand how hellish jail can be.

The warden did more than make sure Colleen’s ass checked out; he conducted regular inspections for hidden contraband.

So her ass checks out and she promises she’ll behave. I wish her well.

Were it not for her tarnished reputation I would come a courting.


Her loss!

Caption it: There’s a new team in town

October 22nd, 2014


FOK: The Jäger Whöre

October 21st, 2014

Fill or kill.


Chase her with a side of Bourbon?