Check out these bitches

Matt Lauer got canned. Don’t know why these two care, the one on the right looks like an ape in a t-shirt.

Lauer was making $30 million a year to put on a scarf and taste hot chocolate at Christmas festivals. Had I the chance I would have choked him to death a long time ago.

That he was playing aggressive take-no-prisoners grab-ass with sexy, hand-picked interns is probably Matt’s lone redeeming feature.

One night in Mykonos

A friend sent me a rather upsetting video from a notorious haunt in Mykonos last weekend.

Something about it really troubled me until I slowed the footage down, used some lip reading and caught the hidden message from God.

Make what use of it as you may.

Best wishes


Easing back into this thing

Don’t believe the rumors, I didn’t go gay. I just let curiosity get the better of me for a short while there. Fire Island was glorious.

Anyway, here’s a Hollywood movie star (played Easy-E in Straight Outta Compton) flipping out because Delta was screwing him out of the first class seat he paid for.

Oh yeah, one more thing – he was on standby because he missed his original flight. Complete bitch.

As for Air Danza, booty will be boarding later today. We will be running extra flights through Thursday.