Summer 2017 … bully index set to soar

It’s summertime so I joined a gang. It’s me, my fidget spinner, my fuckin’ Sea Doo, my drone, and my Body Glove retro 80s surf shorts. We’re hitting every beach in the USA.

We like the sights.

Even though we’re a gang sometimes we still get sand kicked in our face – it’s tough out there – but nothing compared to what how bullies pound prey into submission.

Sometime we run into bullies in their natural habitat.

Lone bully on the prowl.

Have fun but be careful.

Miss Bum Bum goes China

Because they copy everything else in the world, China took a stab at recreating Brazil’s prestigious Miss Bum Bum contest.

And you know what? It wasn’t such a bad facsimile.

They wore masks so people could tell them apart.

Masked beaver beauticians at work while dude does pushups. So normal.

This hopeful was sent home – but not before a little unga bunga.

Air squats. Again, so normal.

True meat smuggling: TDT sent a ringer – A&T’d her way into the quarterfinals.

Shanghai snapshot.

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Shabu-Shabu (Miss Porterhouse)

Always worked for me

Share these key behavior modifications with your kid:

• Ensure your pant cuffs fully reach ankles.
• Avoid volunteering for hall monitor.
• Have a favorite football team, know quarterback’s name and if he sucks or not.
• Quit bragging about the priest you blew last summer.