Savory Meat on Friday

I came to a table not fully set,
Hunger be damned, I follow etiquette,
‘Ere I plowed the bar matrón.

– Voltaire

Bon Bons

Take Out/Delivery

Pork Rinds

Bone-In Ribeye


Veal Piccata

A&T By The Sea

Bon appetite los animales!

Chopping up lines of Meat this Friday

Whilst tying on last week’s feedbag you learned in advance of CK’s misdeeds … next up, Leto & Travolta. Have to believe it’s a waste of time trying to tear down Travolta, though. It’s tough to embarrass a guy who digs massaging his man massagers.

Yes we have Tacos.


Swoppy Joe

Game Hen

Filet Mignon


Spicy Tuna Roll

Cookies and Pie

Bon appetite los animales!