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When clowns go bad

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Cock n’ balls monday continues…

It was a year ago since Yeiner Perez had an episode in a San Francisco BART station.

Perez did 4 months for this caper. And is back to his job as a clown.

And how brave was that large man in the red sweatshirt to keep filming as Perez beat on the woman who got off the escalator?

Maybe he inspired THE DONGER to snap this one of RICKY RETARDO documenting a rose garden.

Masters wrap

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Another Masters week in the books. Dustin Johnson’s high hopes were dashed as he didn’t even make the cut, his wife remains more famous.


Investigating whether Bubba Watson’s wife used to be married to Kurt Warner – no results yet.

Preparations for the Brazil Open begin this week.


Georgia? Brazil? Bah. The game remains Scottish.


Non-Traditional golf attire getting popular.


Even au naturel golf style will be seen in Brazil, hugging trees and shit.


Women can be such dogs.

NTM4 669

Have kids? Nice. Now check their spelling.

Friday, April 11th, 2014


Hipster gods covering Steely Dan, a hipster band born 30 years too early.

It would drive me crazy if I was in a band not called Alabama Shakes and could be banging the lead singer while having to watch her tits jiggle day in and day out.

Would drive me crazier still, though, if I was fucking her. A classic “please get the fuck out of here, okay? I’m trying to make music” scenario would ensue.

Leave it to sexless hipsters to figure this conundrum out.

Friday’s meat bunker: Masters menu

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Maybe you’re a world beater. Or a noble contender. Perhaps you’re a garden variety homo. No matter.

For today we come together as one and eat like the champions do.



Moreton Bay Bugs

Seafood Paella

Argentine Beef Surprise

Arctic Char


Chicken Panang Curry

Cous Cous

Bon appetite los animales!

Praying today

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Final reports aplenty this week, that’s why we pray.


“Blood Money” rapper Big Glo, RIP. A multi-felon in his 30s, he was just turning his life around. Only two weeks ago he was signed by Interscope Records; only two nights ago he walked up to a car to greet some females. That’s when Blood Money took bullets.

Not sure what the tattoos under his eyes say, but here is one of his last known portraits, giving the camera the finger.

big glo

The versatile actor, Mickey Rooney, who wowed millions weekly as Mr. Yunioshi.


Mickey deeply touched anyone who ever had a Japanese landlord.


The Ultimate Warrior, whose earthly purpose Randy Savage questioned years ago.

Oh, still can’t forget 25 year old Peaches Geldof. Most of her 20+ tattoos memorialized dead friends and family.