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Miss Bum Bum loses her top top

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Portugese lovely and one-time winner of the prestigious Miss Bum Bum award, Marianne Ranieri, is dear to millions.


And so it’s the world’s business when she’s running around Miami topless.


Intriguing tan lines.


With the Miss Bum Bum title came much fame.

Here Marianne mocks some also rans.


In case you’re wondering who the competition is …


Thankfully her torso shields us from that dago’s bone bone.

Best man

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

You’re the best man – now claim your prize…


I would choose the abundance of poundhound #4 because this is a wedding I never want to forget.

It would explain a lot

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Gerard Depardieu slams 14 bottles of wine a day.


Gerard is a renowned figure around here. Widely accepted as the Scott Baio of France, there isn’t a French leading lady whose drawers he has not trashed.

The French are a filthy race, by the way.

I’m friends with a French restauranteur. One day he was telling me about some bread he likes from a bakery near his place.

It would be enough to say “hey, the bread from this bakery is top notch”, but no – he had to say “oh zee bread” and then graphically mimic jerking off while rolling his eyes in the back of his head and moaning. Bread.

The French are filthy.

Him and his kids

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Last year some other guy was in hot water for beating one of Adrian Peterson’s kids to death.

The world waited for Adrian’s response; turns out he didn’t give a shit – he never bothered to meet the tot.

Adrian Peterson

I guess an NFL superstar can never win because now apparently Adrian cares too much.

Am I crazy or is this serious improvement over the last uproar concerning the welfare of his offspring?

Peterson should get his own Saturday morning cartoon, like his friend Barkley.


This is interesting. Look at Keyshawn – he is positively captivated by the drama…

Don’t expect a Cris Carter cartoon ever.

Meat on Friday: Art of the power lunch

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Things to do, people to see, deals to cut, A&T to paw … who you eat with, where you go, and what you have matter if you’re a mover and shaker amongst society’s degenerates.

Your seat, sir…

Time to eat.


Ham N’ Beans

New York Strip

Vacuum Packed Filet

Grilled Babyback


Smoked Applewood Bacobombs

Road Soda

Bon appetite los animales!