Fill or Kill: Mysterious vixen

She saunters in unannounced, like a beautiful black cloud. Could be trouble.


• We don’t know her name.
• We have reason to be fearful.
• We’ve been burned before.

And yet there is something captivating about her…


… although she’s clearly a psycho.


But our hearts are as open as our minds.


Plus her ass checks out.


Hopefully she’ll bring a friend to Bonaroo.


We’re all fokked if we can’t get a name on her.

Fill or Kill: Topics du jour

Phil or Kill?

Final Dead shows this weekend.

O/U (or is it before/after?) for reunion tour: 2019.

Guess the final Dead song: I’m guessing that after the first set the Dead will play a 90 minute version of Drums/Space followed by a Drums/Space encore. This will allow concert goers ample time to take massive dumps without the anxiety that they’re missing anything, a true gift of generosity to the fans paying $10k for nosebleeds.

Wave that flag, wave it wide and high

In light of a recent heinous act that’s triggered a widespread wave of social retardation, it is undoubtedly best for our country to adopt the Stars and Bars as the new official flag. Those who don’t like it can shove it up their ass with a hearty “fuck you” from your humble admin.

FOK: Summer lovelies with a back beef accompaniment.

Fill or Kill: Amy Schumer

“I’m probably like 160 pounds right now, and I can catch a dick whenever I want.”

What she’s trying to say is that she’s 175 pounds and gets with guys whose professional ambitions haven’t been realized yet.


I like her because she has some funny roast-type material on YouTube.

But with that said, she must lose the vibe of chubby self-validation.

There’s nothing wrong with a chick obsessing over her extra pounds, indeed she should; but she should do so privately or somewhere where I can’t hear. It’s not my problem.


Kill, but only after a little verification fill first.

Fill or Kill: It’s not magic, it’s asscraft

For a few years there when I was a kid I was the guy that other kids looked up to. That is until I wore a see-thru leotard to little league baseball tryouts.

In retrospect it was not a good idea. Most of my peers weren’t ready for such avant garde leggings.

So imagine my joy to see one Kasey Ashcraft is picking up where I left off so many years ago. You go girl.

combines the tightness of a leotard with the utility of a thong

combines the tightness of a leotard with the utility of a thong

unmistakably barely there

unmistakably barely there

Kasey is a top-notch model represented by first-rate management. But her first contract was with a TDT competitor (TheBaioClap) who arranged shots of Kasey in toddler swaddling.


It was a mistake I could relate to, but not enough to derail Kasey’s kareer.

But she could learn from her competitor, Emily Shaw, whose good choices have thrust her into the spotlight.


You may FOK them both.