Trophies for everyone – or none at all

So there is something wrong with the trophy concept, as Target has come under fire (imagine that) for selling t-shirts with messages that resonate with hot women…


Socialist overlords hate trophies.

And back in the 1980s they would have hated Penny Baker, who was quite the trophy in her own right.

I can’t be the only one who misses an era when a rainbow on a shirt simply meant “pot of gold”.



Wild n’ wooly.

Penny Baker is not quite an “ass from the past” because no idea of her whereabouts past her appearance in the crowd at a Battle of the Network Stars event.

The attack

When we’re honest with ourselves we’ll admit we’ve been waiting our whole lifetimes for this very occasion – and the crazy sharks just took out his leash.

This is the best available video to date.

Would happily trade Mick Fanning some peace of mind for some scraps of his pro surfer tail.