When reporters attack


Her crime? The shooter posted it.


If a white lunatic shoots up a church – and we promptly banned the Confederate flag from ever being seen again, then we should disband the EEOC – it’s fucking bullshit crutch for cowards like “Bryce” or “Vernon” or whatever the fuck his name is.

Seriously. And fuck “Human Resources”, too. Resource my ass. It’s just a mandatory foothold for socialism in the corporate world, a device to isolate individuals.

First thing I did was make sure my hero was not the shooter. Big relief.

Oh wait a sec – hoy es Miercoles? Ay yi yi.


Maybe you want to see McKinney’s tits?


I think we all do.

Maybe you subscribe to Black Tail magazine?


Me too.

Maybe amateurs are as good as pros?


Maybe not.

Maybe her ass don’t check out?


Or maybe it do and we beg her pardon.

Maybe she should opt out of her swim suit?


Maybe that was a very good thing.

Online reputation matters

I’m helping a guy whose name is caught up in the Ashley Madison hack. We were put in touch because I’ve helped some people with arrest records and financial sanction records (ie, bad press) that show up when googling their names.

Whys and wherefores really don’t matter. Bottom line is that it’s professionally it’s very damaging to be publicly associated with this – and if your name is on record it will be.


I downloaded all the data and it’s a big whopping, comprehensive mess.

• I STRONGLY advise against doing searches on links to database searches found online, ( ie. trustify, ashley.cynic.al , etc.). It’s a field day for data miners.

• Assume that if you even filled out a form w/ AshMad, then your name/info is there. Even TDT is in there.

• If you were working somewhere else and want me to search through my database (and thus avoid the data miners), I will. And that ends with me, as I am not in the habit or business of sharing info with anyone, let alone spammers or Russians. Email: thedanzatap@yahoo.com

• Whether we’re talking AshMad or an unseemly gaffe that made the local papers the worst decision you can make is no decision. “Let’s just see how it goes” – means you’ll be letting a negative link gather trust and legitimacy with Google’s search algorithms (like setting cement) without counteracting the future damage. Acting swiftly can put the the “ounce of prevention” law into effect here – even though with something specific like AshMad, it’s already “reactive” rep management.

If your name isn’t wholly generic like “Bob Smith” and your name gets ensnared with a data dump like AshMad, you’re eventually fucked by association when it comes to Google.

Assume 95% of Google searches won’t look click to page 2 for results, and 99.9% of searches won’t go to page 3. Standard ORM clears through p.3 and often right through all 10 pages.

I say any businesses and individuals should take basic steps in the absence of any prior or existing scandal – because that “proactive” rep management will make damage control a snap later.

Anyway, I’m here to help – expertise is just experience applying best ORM practices to individual cases. If you have questions or anything just email me at thedanzatap@yahoo.com

Back to shenanigans…

Int’l beat: Unarmed U.S Marines ‘take down’ armed shooter onboard European train

Are you fucking kidding me? Can’t a Muhammad catch a break? All he wanted to do was shoot innocent people to death – why the hell did some Marines have to be an aisle away?

First, hats off to the Marines for bolstering their bad-assed** reputation for the 9 millionth time. Proud of y’all.

Secondly, the shooter is a 26 year old Moroccan … a spokesman for the interior minister said: ‘It is too early to speak of a terrorist link’.


Maybe he’s not a terrorist.

Maybe this Moroccan in France had a bad day and, as he happened to be carrying an assault rifle, let his bad mood get the better of him and decided to mow down a couple dozen French/Dutch people on the train he was riding.

Lord knows I’ve been there, Muhabba.

** Please note the proper use of the term “bad ass” would be for some Marines taking out terrorists and not to be used by tech firms to describe in-house coders or unattractive hipster chicks to describe themselves.

The Lindsey Pelas files

Lindsey Pelas calls herself a fitness model, but more than a few industry insiders see her as a take-no-prisoners bully.


I don’t know why women with giant knockers think they can sneak under the radar.

You may recall Lindsey’s infamous jog through the park.

Will smash animals on a whim.


Her instagram is @lindseypelas – and don’t worry, a crack TDT research team is working on whether her ass checks out.