PSA: Falling behind

I hate this fucking kid.


What a sad joke of a story, says so much about the priorities of the cunts who run things in this country.

This son of a “Islamic activist” purposely makes a clock that looks like a bomb and brings it to school as a project, despite not having such an assignment – and gets arrested for acting like a fucking terrorist.

You know these days kids in school get arrested for lot less than suspicion of bomb making, even the white ones – and yet before this kid’s stunt was even a day old, he gets invited to the White House so Ballack Obomber can grope his underoos.

And even still after meeting the president and having every pantywaist in America singing his praises, he and his mullah dad decide America is too anti-Islam to hang out in – and promptly ditch the USA for Qatar. Hope they don’t come back.

Yes. Women are fixing their toes for yoga pants

“Make me look like Barbie!”

On New York’s Upper East Side, Swift reports that a large number of his clients are motivated by wanting to look sleeker in so-called “athleisure wear,” made from Lycra-like fabrics which often compress the area.

A Clydesdale before…

They are keen to avoid so-called “camel toe” or internal “twisting” when they’re working out at top exercise venues such as SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp and the Fitting Room.

… Bambi after.

Welcome to the club, ladies – and it’s about time. For years I’ve displayed almost saintly patience with the parade of catcher’s mitts at Barry’s Bootcamp – and while maintaining a perfectly presentable potato in my Umbro’s all the while.

Bills beat: Watkins, my fans are ‘losers’ with ‘little jobs’

I love it. 22 year old Sammy Watkins, out of Clemson 2 years ago a fourth round pick, has scored 2 touchdowns for Buffalo this year.

He summed up his game two weeks ago: When I have one-on-one coverage, go to me. I don’t care what’s going on over there. I don’t care if he’s open. When I get one on one, just target me.

Now he’s at war with Bills fans saying that if you criticize him then you’re a loser with a little job. If you don’t well … then no comment.


Go get ’em Sammy!