Today’s snapshot

Sorry Charlie but that tiger’s blood was actually AIDS.


Is Rousey finished? Is Holm for real? Is Muhammed Ali’s daughter in a feud with Ronda?

Meanwhile no one but a hopeless steakhead can name a man in this sport and none of us have seen a heavyweight boxing match since Bill Clinton was in office.

But at least street justice is as sweet as ever.

Too bad that cameraman was too much of a pussy to get out of his car – would have been nice to seen him get knocked the fuck out.

Miss TDT 2015: Rachel Mortenson

Far be it from me or you to refuse a beauty title to any woman who embodies the ladylike ideals like Rachel Mortenson does.


Indeed, only a true ‘mo would deny this sporty Miss Mortenson a goddam thing.


Perhaps, in theory, one could deny her certain privileges, had she an ass that could not pass muster.

But as it happens, her ass checked out on some very stringent standards.


Even her friend’s ass has been approved.


Much to admire, even if we don’t know who the fuck she is.


That great big can…


… deserves its own safe space.


I love you Morty. And you will love my van.

Listen up

Political correctness is still the official state religion of America and the western world. And I think we’ve all had enough.


But TDT isn’t dedicated to political opinion pieces. That’s what Facebook is for.

Where else but FB can you find people scolding others for caring about Paris but not about Beirut’s bombing two days prior?

imagesAnd then go check up on the aggrieved’s newsfeed and see nothing but cat videos for the past month with not a peep about world violence? TDT can’t compete with that.

So we’ll just type a letter to DC and go about our business. Here goes…

Dear President Obama,

You have bypassed Congress to personally fly 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States. Using a massively conservative estimate cost of $20,000 per refugee you’re spending $200,000,000 to ensure an expansion of ISIS’s US street team.

What’s more, you’re open to resettling 1,000,000 Syrian more refugees here – while neighboring countries of Syria, many of which are prosperous and 100% Islamic will not accept a single refugee. Excuse my French, but fuck you.

Can’t you see the United States already has its hands full?

This should be all the evidence you need…

Yours truly,

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If you’ve got the Friday then you’ve got the meat

This is the famous TDT Meat on Friday. We know of no site produced by any other negus which costs so much to stew and rage. Our exclusive Ass Referral System elicits no praise, no smoothness, and a certain bullibility that you will find on no other site at any price. Brewed by our original all natural admin who regularly vans the Pampas to import the choicest Culo, Tata and Choche.

Seared Tuna

Champagne Toast

Side Salad


Hot Luncheon

Lamb Chop


Beef Tandoori


Bon appetite los animales!