Time to assess – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015

Chicago – these brass balladeers served as Peter Cetera’s vehicle to superstardom. Well done.


Deep Purple – Deep suckage.


Cheap Trick – Best of the bunch. Not only did these guys serve as the final punchline to Spinal Tap, they sold a zillion records in the process. Meeting Robin Zander backstage of the Bowery Ballroom was a high point in my rock n’ roll life. He was wearing a ridiculous silver suit and matching military commander’s hat. I saluted him and he nodded in appreciation of my respect.


steve miller – Steve is from Texas and as a young guitarist he moved to Chicago to study the blues from grizzled old black dudes who did not give a fuck. His career went nowhere so he moved to San Francisco at the right time – he had enough chops to sound great to the hippies on acid and his music went on to dominate classic rock stations for 40 years. Supposedly he thinks he’s up there with Elvis.


n.w.a. – Not rock, so they don’t belong in the HOF. But with that said, they did sell a zillion records and had more impact on teenagers (white male ones, really) than the other four combined.


Cheap Trick “I want you for Christmas”

Meat on Friday then stew all week

I’m completely into Christmas and the Christmas spirit, but not the kind as advertised on TV.

My ideal Christmas is an intense one where several minutes of absolute silent contemplation is followed by a massive feast, food and beverage aplenty. Then out come the hoo-errs.

No room for Radio Shack and the rest in my Christmas, sorry.

Sun Tea

Double Broiler


Clams Casino

Mountain Goat

Peking Duck

Porterhouse à la Schneidere

Cajun Ribeye

Fig Newtons

Bon appetite los animales!

Have you seen Junior’s grades?

I had a few lady professors in college and they were usually fat and old. Even still, I was usually too preoccupied with the young ladies flouncing about campus to give second, third, and fourth thoughts of what was flapping about underneath those professor robes.

But this guy’s experience was a little different though…


Any excuse to post a Rod Stewart video.

I know you’re wondering “hey, Rod and admin have the same dance moves.“. Well, that’s really not so uncanny because Rod and I shared the same choreographer, noted taskmaster Bob Fosse.