The nuclear option

Police were called.

A woman has reported a man to the police for farting in her apartment after she did not want to have sex with him.

It may not be seen as the most mature way of blowing off steam, but one Swede apparently chose to use flatulence as “revenge” on a woman who refused to have sex with him.

It reported that the pair had discussed having sex, but when the woman declined, her male acquaintance left in a huff – literally.

Before he exited the apartment he let rip a big one, wrote the daily.

They were happy once.

in happier times

The was allegedly of such a nature that it ‘disturbed the woman’s piece of mind’.

‘It smelled very bad in my flat,’ she wrote in her report to police.

I can’t speak to emotionally charged farting, but brother I can tell you it’s over when you find yourself gazing out the window with dead eyes and farting like she’s not there.