On Fyre

So there’s a tropical alternative to Coachella called the Fyre Festival going on right now in the Bahamas and it’s a big fucking disaster.

Long story short thousands of self-indulgent people longing to taste the decadent world of celebrity and luxury bought their way into a third-world hellhole. THERE WILL BE NO CONCERTS FOLKS.

Rich Kids of Instagram meets the Hunger Games

One woman, who paid $10,000 for a VIP ticket, reportedly left her belongings in a half-erected tent, only to have them stolen minutes later. “One guy got punched out by security and they took his wallet,”

I never heard of this sales team, Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, but I think I can figure out which one is which.

Ja and Bill decided to hire models to promote Fyre … yup, Ratajkowski (heard of her) was on board.

Even the normally reliable Government of Miami has let them down.

Multiple reports of concert “security” mugging guests. Things are not better in the Bahamas, that was just a t-shirt.

And then there’s this:

Ahhhh, Billy Finley the Fourth. Life without beer … doesn’t get any rougher than that.

I love it.