Check out these bitches

Matt Lauer got canned. Don’t know why these two care, the one on the right looks like an ape in a t-shirt.

Lauer was making $30 million a year to put on a scarf and taste hot chocolate at Christmas festivals. Had I the chance I would have choked him to death a long time ago.

That he was playing aggressive take-no-prisoners grab-ass with sexy, hand-picked interns is probably Matt’s lone redeeming feature.

TDT Newsdesk: Breaking … RIP, Shyla Stylez

Highly prized clam takes a final report.

Take it away, anchorman…

Shyla’s vital stats…

• Shyla appeared in her first film Slap Happy in 2000 at the age of 19.

• Nominated at the 2009 XRCO Awards for the Best Cumback.

• Shyla Stylez was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Urban X Awards in 2011.

No star shines brighter than a drug dealer at an Urban X Awards after party.

Shyla had big cans.

The cumback is over.

Chopping up lines of Meat this Friday

Whilst tying on last week’s feedbag you learned in advance of CK’s misdeeds … next up, Leto & Travolta. Have to believe it’s a waste of time trying to tear down Travolta, though. It’s tough to embarrass a guy who digs massaging his man massagers.

Yes we have Tacos.


Swoppy Joe

Game Hen

Filet Mignon


Spicy Tuna Roll

Cookies and Pie

Bon appetite los animales!