Ashley Madison hack continued

I’ve had some productive information sharing via email re: ashley madison … keep the emails coming.

My info is being hung out to dry too, got my password I didn’t even know AM had.


What I’m doing is building a database for simple query. No 3rd party buttholes, aka scammers.

It’s a lot of data and new to me so I can’t just take a term/name/email and query it yet – I’m better with gaming google results than database management.

Here’s a reddit site that I find best to keep current – good info being passed around, be mindful of scammers pretending to be victims. A lot of geography based lists of AM customers being posted.

Also beware of sites like this – they are slick scams. Or how about this one which has a convenient “AM check”, setting itself up depending on whether you want to hide from or uncover AshleyMadison use. Probably doubles as a divorce attorney.

The long and short of it is nothing will stop foreign web dudes, who already are the world leaders in making shady money. The more I’m immersed in this story the more sense it makes – it’s a big shake down, not a mad hacker with morals. If hackers had morals, porn sites and the rest would have been targeted long ago. AM proved too tempting a target.

I’m slowly hobbling together a best practices and/or FAQ regarding on what to do if your name is ensnarled in the AshleyMadison Hack.

So feel free to contact me – learning as we go.

And a Duggar got busted, as you probably know. They’re saying he’s been boffing porn star, Danica Dillon…


I’m sure.

The story is typical Ashley Madison experience. Lies and no one knows who to believe.

8 thoughts on “Ashley Madison hack continued

  1. DD sure is quality. But….

    I have a suspicion, we aren’t hearing the entire truth about what happened the night Josh met Danica in her hotel room…

    I’d guess Danica attempted to rebid the offer price, Josh went a little crazy, heated words were exchanged, Danica threatened to call the police, no intercourse occurred and Duggar dropped the $1K on the table and escaped.

    Closing summary — Take a report b!tch and keep y’ur mouth shut — unless y’ur sucking on my Johnson and drinkin’ my load. Her extra money business is done.

  2. Ashley Madison Schmashley Madison.

    All of the cheaters in the world wouldn’t top the Frank Gifford getting anal from the airline stewardess story.

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