Ladies of the neighborhood scrap

The only thing blacks don’t film with their phones are study hall lectures.

25 thoughts on “Ladies of the neighborhood scrap

  1. Ah, the joys of the first balmy days of summer. Celebrating the end of an arduous 10 months of school and studying by catching fireflies and running carefree through the cool grass. Oh to be young again. Absalom, my dear young friends!

  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors is for pussies. Here in DC, our youth have created a new game called Baseball Bat, Lawn Chair, Weber Grill. And, as is typical in the black community, everyone loses. Especially you dumb white people that continue to provide us housing and free cheese.

  3. One thing is for sure, that wasn’t Baltimore. Otherwise there would have been a dozen or so future CEOs, astrophysicists and parking attendants strewn about the street from gun shot wounds. Another fine missed opportunity for Darwin.

  4. Fantastic. I loved seeing the people in the background just leisurely watching the whole thing unfold, like this was a natural week night.

    And when will these people learn to film widescreen.

    1. I also like when a chocolate she-hulk is running by them swinging 2 knives, no one moves more than half a step to the side?!?!? I run farther from a mosquito.

      Second point I also agree with….wholeheartedly.

  5. I wonder how it started:

    Chanique: Where’s my gar-ape soda et? And where’s my cheese doodles?

    Montiana (holding an empty bottle of grape soda): Gurl, I don’t know wha chew takin bout.

    Then the fur flew. I know that the hot weather on the south side usually brings out this behavior, but it’s not even June yet. Chicago cops are in for a long summer.

    1. Analysis is pretty spot on but replace “grape soda” with “purple”. 26th and California is dirty this time of year.

  6. Photo G Money was awarded the Black Pulitzer Photo award for steadiest hands during a street fight. Few people can run with steady hands and get in that close in dangerous situations with Flourescent Green bitch holdin a knife, all the while giving insightful commentary along the way.

  7. Things would be much safer if they put barbed wire all around these neighborhoods and kept the police out.

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