26 thoughts on “Caption the pick ’em

  1. I must really be getting old.

    I’d run the other direction from those crazy skanks. What’s the point of trying to approach one of those ladies in a level 5 hazmat suit?

  2. Old whit guy over #1’s left shoulder about to get yelled at by seated jealous wifey.
    That being said can we see a #5?

  3. You can hold hands all you want ladies, but the cheerleader effect isn’t helping you.

    Oh hell, 1 or 4. That’s it.

  4. I’ll take the tan from #1, the face and body from #2, the tits from #3 and the will do anything attitude from #4. Show me that girl!!

  5. From left to right it look like a pre-op, a post op and their two retarded adopted children. I’d rather fuck a tube of toothpaste.

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