Missing you, Lara Alvarez

Sasquatch. Loch Ness. Atlantis. Norfolk Enchants. Mysterious legends all.

Let us add to this baffling list the online disappearance of noteworthy South American Lara Alvarez.


Where the fuck did she go? It’s been 2 years since we seen her.


Investigators deduced that her ass checks out.


She made some serious peso modeling the Raggedy Ann underpants line.


Did she take the money and run?

We need volunteers to comb the Pampas and find out.


She has nice ass.


Come back, Lara.

18 thoughts on “Missing you, Lara Alvarez

  1. I was talking with her just this morning. I said “it puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.” She’s doing good…

  2. Would absolutely chop my wifes head off with a rusty spoon and throw her in the river to have a good 3 minutes with this lass! Dios Mio

  3. You could have told me her name and I could have told you that her ass checked out with 99% certainty without seeing it.

      1. Not even close to the same chick. Brown eyes. The internet is all confused about this “Lara Alvarez.” More work is needed here.

  4. My superpowers never cease to amaze me…I can see her meat curtains through the panties, especially in the Raggedy Ann get up…best…superpower….ever

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