Miss TDT 2015: Olga Alberti

Italo-Russian voices have spoken – Olga Alberti is Miss TDT 2015.


okayed by homofactuals

okayed by homofactuals

This Olga is a classic beauty.


Cables sent both Milan and Moscow affirmed widespread suspicions that Olga’a ass indeed checks out.


She even speaks Mammoo.


Olga is very hot – got to wonder what kind of ass Mr. Alberti was chasing that led him to the Soviet Union.


14 thoughts on “Miss TDT 2015: Olga Alberti

    1. Good observation! I don’t think that last pic is the same girl, though I like it the best. 1st pic = blue eyes last pic = brown eyes

    1. Extremely obnoxious and illegal for Jessica Ashley to pass herself off as Olga Alberti. Her antics have likely cost me a trip to Hedo II this February as precious monies had to be diverted to counsel.

      She has nice ass though. I like that.

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