Jessica Greenberg signs to PowerG Records

POWER G‘s music mogul ambitions are that much closer to reality today as the long time DanzaTap talent scout signed Jess Greenberg to a multi-report deal.


Behold, the talent…

No fool, Power G wouldn’t ink a deal until certain items checked out first.

jess complies

jess complies

Power G on today’s scene: Meanwhile we are forced to look at Miley’s tits all the fucking time.

I dig it. Jess likes classic rock, as do I. When I meet ladies like Jess, I just point to my crotch and let whatever happens happen.

Admittedly I am on a dry spell, but I refuse to alter my course.

12 thoughts on “Jessica Greenberg signs to PowerG Records

  1. Admin, I’m not convinced her ass checks out. Could you provide a little more evidence? I think I need a closer look.

  2. Send Jessica and her guitar to Gitmo.

    Ball gag Ahmed and tie him to a chair. Give Jess some truly shitty sheet music, vicious pipe-hitting garbage like Cher, Streissand, Janis Ian, maybe some fucking Helen Reddy. Start the concert.

    Then when he can’t take it anymore (4-5 hours), have Jess put the guitar down and ask her what kind of man deserves a woman as great as her and what her dream wedding would be. After a couple hours of that, ask Jess to share the story of when she lost her virginity and her most embarrassing menstruation story.

    Top it off with Jess reading through the Tiffany’s catalog with commentary.

    Show me one Haj who could handle that. It would be reserved for those who could handle waterboarding.

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