That’s why they call it ‘interpretive’ dance

This is either a sun salutation or a salute to the Eagles offense.


Yesterday absolutely wrecked knockout pools. Saints & Miami were biggest offenders, but plenty of train wrecks out there. Bears, Giants and Bills weeping today too.

Instead of the second half of PHI/DAL, Fox should have just played an infomercial. And maybe you shouldn’t have clicked-thru.

18 thoughts on “That’s why they call it ‘interpretive’ dance

  1. Y’know, Admin, last week someone was giving you serious shit about your content and I defended you….HARD. Now you commit a clickthrough atrocity. If I click on “Rack of Ribs” on Friday and there a someone using the pizza rat like a gerbil, I’m done with this site!!

    Oh hell, who am I kidding? I’ll make a T-Shirt out of it.

    1. Well Phisty, while my review last week revolved around a post with little to no humor value, at least this post created a few guffaws. Your ass kissing suck up to admin and comment back to me sir was not only over the top out of line for a gentlemanly site like this, but also seriously off base. I imagine that kind of creative insult could only originate from the depression of one’s own life. So here’s a fun suggestion to get you out of your sad little rabbit hole.

      Go get Mrs. McBama (she could be found in the card room at the clubhouse), take your Phisty and shove it up past Michelle’sGreasyPurpleTaint and pull out some Lou Stools for tonight’s gourmet meal. With the leftovers have a face painting party with Tan Mom to finish her Halloween costume. Hell, have a threesome after that. Might be the best smelling woman you’ve had all year.

      1. It would be…..hence the depression.

        BTW- Leave Lady Phisty out of this. She is doing research for an article in Cosmo. Has been at it for over a decade. That’s TENACITY!

      2. One other thing…..did you see the click through on last week’s post of the Hulk titty fucking the Black Gash, or whatever her name is? How can you say that wasn’t entertainting? Freddy baby, you aint seeing the forest for the 2 guys banging each other in the pooper under a can of Crisco nailed to a tree.

      3. Fred – I’ll greedily take all the “ass kissing” (really?) I can get and if you want an editorial hand please fire up some content and send it to – a little effort from readers goes a long way on this homespun ass trap.

    1. Still can’t believe I saw what I saw after practically becoming a Cowboys fan watching Murray take over games these past few seasons – but watching Philly DeMario Murray was like watching a modern day Louis from Trading Places.

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