10 thoughts on “Pope comes to Harlem

  1. How can you guys even begin to agree with this idiot negus?

    The pope visited a Catholic school in East Harlem. Should anyone really be surprised that a parochial school cleaned up for a visit from the fucking Pope? Seriously?

    And he’s mad they put up signs? This is not what an inner city parent who sends his kids to parochial school sounds like.

    Meanwhile Public schools in Harlem have budgets for janitorial staffs that could clean Yankee Stadium yet the students are illiterate because of parents like the guy who took this video. Fuck him – there is no way he spent one penny extra for his kids education. I’m glad I saw this video it’s reminder of the difference between me and fuckwads who want the cradle-to-grave government to handle everything.

  2. What this retard fails to realize is that the Pope just got his kids’ school cleaned. And by the way who the fuck was stopping him from getting up off his dumbass to clean the school? And finally, since when does the government have anything to do with Catholic school?

    We should bulldoze Harlem and have Trump build a country club.

    1. I’m sure Whitey and the cops beat them back every time they tried to clean up their own neighborhood. “PUT THAT TRASH BACK ON THE SIDEWALK!”

  3. ObamaPhone? Check.
    Block of government cheese? Check.
    SNAP EBT card? Check.
    Welfare payment? Check.
    Subsidized housing? Check.
    Subsidized utility bills? Check.

    Yeah man, fuck the government.

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