Monday heaps of porterhouse

No body shame here, because reality TV leader has “no desire” to be thin again.


“I think I look good and my boyfriend thinks I look good.’


FEATURED: The return of Shamu

And people wonder why I gaze at men.

Unfortunately Lane Bryant had to outsource a the butt bongos soundtrack after things weren’t so tonal with in-house talent.

18 thoughts on “Monday heaps of porterhouse

  1. I found this more disturbing to watch than an ISIS video. These “big boned” girls (although I don’t think you have bones in your ass) never experienced childhood afternoons riding on teeter-totters… them they were just called catapults.

    Bad start to a Monday Admin…

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’d take down any of the porterhomes in either video, no question, no second thoughts, no regrets.

  3. Being a fat slob is not okay. This country needs more bullying.

    P.S. The floor in my office shook when I played the video.

  4. Oh Come on! We have all banged these size queens before, GO UGLY EARLY!

    Beer Googles…yes, oh yes. I am not sayin that is GF material, but ya got to do, whatcha got to do!

    More Asian side boob, please

  5. First, I watched the bikini video – the one with the ironically/hypocritically lean, male models.

    I’m saving the other, stampede–looking video for when I go on vacation with the Donner party.

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