Miss TDT 2014: Valentina Matteucci

Mary Poppins. Emily Ratajkowski. A nanny named Fran.

Every so often a woman dances into our lives and changes everything for the better.


This is what Valentina Matteucci has done for me, she might do the same for you.

Meet me by the peekaboo tree, Valentina

Before the bullying

Keep clicking for closer look

She finishes what she starts…

Just making sure it checks out, Valentina…

Further details on Valentina are sketchy. We’ve sent a sleuth to Scotland to find out more.

14 Responses to “Miss TDT 2014: Valentina Matteucci”

  1. j says:

    amazing. fuck winter. I need to go where it’s warm

  2. SoCalMenace says:

    beautiful natural ham canons

  3. Sir Splooge says:

    I can’t put my finger on it… but I’d put it in her.

    • Sir Splooge says:

      And I nodded my head as I typed that as if I was really having a conversation with you dickheads. WTF am I doing with my life?

      • admin says:

        Good question. WTF am I doing with mine? I have to ask myself: Am I taking the right actions today that will bring me closer to slapping Valentina’s bags tomorrow? Hopefully because that would be fucking awesome.

  4. LeatherNuts says:

    I’ve never tried haggis and I heard its terrible; but that wouldn’t stop me from drawing a mouthful of it straight out of her compost hole.

  5. The Donger says:

    Can’t a man and a great set of natural tits have a real relationship? The women should just understand that she’s not a part of that special bond. A reasonable women would understand just fine. But therein lies the problem…..

  6. @kins says:

    Nice. But whats wrong with the left boob, she won’t show it? From the rear view there seems to be something amiss, but I’d gladly do a complete booboscopy. I am, after all, a professional.

  7. HF Trollbot says:

    I feel like we’re ignoring her DSL.

  8. Ricky Retardo says:

    I’d be a happy motorboatee, even if she looks like fucking Jeff ‘Brundlefly’ Goldblum.

  9. tintura says:

    see this
    http://www.imagebam DOT com/gallery/cs1kur1gi8rziicycfj7t6ir3mthpv51/

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