The new Lacey Underalls

Lacey Underalls had nice ass.


So it behooved them to get her replacement right for the remake.


Jenny Rudaya … oh they did good.


Plus her ass checks out, reportedly this was non-negotiable for the producers.


Someone get her a Fresca, chop chop!


12 thoughts on “The new Lacey Underalls

  1. It’s easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you’ve got the stock market beat. But the tradesman worthwhile is the man who can smile when his lady’s culo is moving his meat.

  2. I loved that girl from Caddyshack… Last pic I slap her with a stick below the knee then tell her to spread them when I stick her on the right ankle.

    Yeah kinda bored with the worldwide liquidation and all

  3. Take a moment to appreciate Lacey’s face in 1st click. You may never see a more savage “I want you to rip me to shreds look” in your lifetime.

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