Miss TDT 2015: Natalia Velez

Miss Natalia Velez, Colombian superstar – multiple Miss TDT report machine.


She’s been here before and earned her revisit.


Fortunately her ass checks out, pretty much like no other.


I want some Colombian.


Thank you for being hot Natalia.


7 thoughts on “Miss TDT 2015: Natalia Velez

    1. Like I wouldn’t pounce on nudes of Natalia Perez?

      The reality is this hot hot hot Colombian chick disappeared a couple of years ago after one, maybe two, bikini shots.

      I don’t know who today’s Pablo Escobar is, but I have a good idea who he boffs.

  1. Yup – I would absolutely tongue-punch her fart box for hours and hours.

    Awesome blow and epic whores – thank you Colombia!

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