FOK: The Ballad of Bonny Roo

I like the way your THC necklace lay,
Against your tits, it’s so green.
And I wanna sleep with you in a tent tonight
Under the stars cutting farts so mean.

‘Cause I got a peaceful easy feeling,
And I know you won’t call no slugs
’cause I’m already facedown in your jugs.


8 thoughts on “FOK: The Ballad of Bonny Roo

  1. I think I’d fill just for the freakshow experience, those giant fun bags smacking me around. That, and because of the giant spliffs we’d be knocking off and she might also have some pre-porked Jimmy Dean’s…

  2. Kill. I’ve played with this demographic in my youth. Worst lays in the world and listening to them talk is like having a naked Estelle Getty pouring pancake syrup on her tits while you’re strapped to a chair Clockwork Orange-style.

  3. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s bride in her prime. She was dating a guy with less tattoos and a shorter mullet back then. She still hadn’t met her future husband-the love of her life.

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