PSA: Falling behind

I hate this fucking kid.


What a sad joke of a story, says so much about the priorities of the cunts who run things in this country.

This son of a “Islamic activist” purposely makes a clock that looks like a bomb and brings it to school as a project, despite not having such an assignment – and gets arrested for acting like a fucking terrorist.

You know these days kids in school get arrested for lot less than suspicion of bomb making, even the white ones – and yet before this kid’s stunt was even a day old, he gets invited to the White House so Ballack Obomber can grope his underoos.

And even still after meeting the president and having every pantywaist in America singing his praises, he and his mullah dad decide America is too anti-Islam to hang out in – and promptly ditch the USA for Qatar. Hope they don’t come back.

6 thoughts on “PSA: Falling behind

  1. Was hoping he’d take more back with him that piece of shit. Our only is that next time he’s assembling something it goes off & takes his camel fucking classmates with him.
    And thank God this happened in Texas. If it was in San Fran-freako or Boston he would have been given keys to the city & a scholarship to a local ivy league college.
    I’m surprised they didn’t move there.

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