Natalia Velez, we’re gonna find your major malfunction

In the tradition of the great newspapermen of prior generations I toil at my handiwork.

I spot trends invisible to the untrained eye. Like right here.

You don’t see it? Well, read on.

I noted a certain and curious consistency while eyeballing the offerings of a Natalia Velez link on Takeareport.

Sidenote: Were I a great newspaperman, I’d hire Natalia to hold my editing pencil with that meaty ass while I correct editions of the newspaper – the both of us wearing nothing but visors.

In all of her butt shots the lovely Ms. Velez is pictured from the left … and never from the right.

But why this is I cannot say.

Therefore, I’m formally issuing a challenge to TDT readership – to see what Natalia Velez is hiding on her right butt cheek.

It is my belief that this proof will be visual.

We will not be fooled again.

14 Responses to “Natalia Velez, we’re gonna find your major malfunction”

  1. Mike D says:

    It doesn’t matter if she has a hairy black cock growing out of her hip or even a “I Have AIDS” tattoo on her right cheek. I’m diving in headfirst. No question.

    This is the REAL Miss TDT!

  2. Jay says:

    Wow. I’m in need of a skosh more room in my shorts.

  3. MBH says:

    I would do questionable things to the dalmatian just to get a whiff of the garments that she’s peddling.

    Someone has to do it – I wonder what her culo tastes like?

  4. The Donger says:

    She could have a full colostomy bag hanging from her right cheek and I am still making out with her asshole.

  5. buck naked says:

    I would eat the corn out of her shit so i can give her the best 5 minutes I got

  6. Ricky Retardo says:

    I found it:

  7. Richard Head says:

    It might also be somewhere in this video, but I only made it through the first 38 seconds…

  8. Peter Griffin says:

    made it to the 58 second mark!

  9. Mike Wilson says:

    I wonder what the deepest part of her asshole tastes like?

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