Sheen huffed dong

And no, he didn’t need the money. At the time he was making $1.8 million per episode of his godawful TV show.

Tapes tell no tales: Charlie Sheen orally servicing dudes


This guy’s life was foreshadowed by the classic 80s flick Less Than Zero.

Enjoy the clip, but if you’re in a rush you can preview Charlie @ 1:35…

(tdt foreshadowing: The hotness of Jami Gertz can’t not be revisited)

When I was in high school I drove an MG, called adults “babe”, invested in night clubs, and wore my bow tie untied at proms. Oh and chicks? Fuckin’ a. FUCKING A.


Now I assist grandparents who can’t figure out how to use their smartphones.


10 thoughts on “Sheen huffed dong

    1. Or you can have mine. It’s just like Sheen’s minue the hivvy, minus the dong huffing, and minus all of the $.

      Please take it. It’s yours.

      On a serious note, the jury has reached a verdict: Charlie Sheen has been found beyond any shadow of a doubt to be a raging homo and shall thusly be granted all rights and privileges due residents of ‘motown.

    1. Yeah but it’s not like Ricky has never been too concerned about anyone finding out, as evidenced by the Blue Oyster Bar t-shirt he’s wearing on his Grinder account.


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