FOK: Alessandra Garcia, P-Lister

Fill or kill: Alessandra Garcia, Andy’s daughter.

She’s kind of like one of the tubby Kardashians, except a little more accessible – you have a shot here.

Don’t underestimate Andy’s star power – it was enough to score this mug a modeling contract.

Mucho mas puertocasa.

The pièce de résistance for any tradesmen still on the fence.


29 thoughts on “FOK: Alessandra Garcia, P-Lister

    1. Hell yes there’s a question!

      You wouldn’t want to piss this beast off by shooting it with some small calibre squirrel gun……

  1. Confusing. Half my age = fill every time. But young girls that fat are mudsharks. Every one of them. 100% with zero deviation.

  2. Yes, but not sure if she’ll work harder as fat girls tend to do, or because she’s Garcia’s daughter just lie there as if Green Peace is going to push her back into the ocean.

    1. Gerard,

      You raise some excellent points. Either way this is a fill, especially if you are a believer of sacrificing the short term for the greater good. The thinking being that either her modeling or velvet rope entry to wild parties would at some point lead better but not bigger things for the sacrificial penis. There are those who have greatness thrust upon them and those who work for it. The latter seem to appreciate the process more. Happy hunting, Ahab.

      Yours in Hog Festing,

  3. I’d put up her with her XL just to get a piece of that XXL inheritance. I’m also assuming she’s not a Hollywood 539. Our first date would be dinner & a Dr. Oz show.

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