FOK: When juggo meets muggo

Fill or kill?

Is this a score or are standards being compromised here? To the aggressive belong the dilemmas.

15 thoughts on “FOK: When juggo meets muggo

      1. My friend,

        There is a scene in the Fighting Seabees (1944) when Lt. Cmdr Wedge Donovan (John W) is asked what his favorite liquor is. The response is “any brand is my brand.”

        I drink for affect, not taste or social acceptance. Quite the opposite. Taste is for those who give a shit what’s on the wall besides a television. I look for blunt force trauma with minimal forensic data.

        But if I had to pick, I prefer Chopin, JW blue (buy in airports), knob creek and Gosling rum. All served neat. Ice is for toe-dancers.

        Going to watch debate after I’m done taking this shit and will write something by Friday. Depends on when Flavoray gets back from Chicago- we drink at lunch, and I type at bar.

  1. Something is very wrong with this image…
    1) the head is photo-shopped on to the torso…
    2) the arms length of the selfie is very odd..
    3) the muggo-juggo is a “little person”…a/k/a midget…
    buyer beware…

    1. After careful consideration of these alleged shortcomings by the Kill prosecution, the Fill defense offers the following eloquent response:

      1. Nice Jugs
      2. Sensuous blow job lips
      3. A come fuck me face

      The defense rests before exercising the proper due diligence on this ho.

      1. All your observations appear very true and I will happily pass this juggo to the master gigilo… I’m still trying to find MOF’s Virginia Ham, that’s definitely more to my kill liking.

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