13 thoughts on “Boxing Day 2015

    1. Exactly, skinny and kindda homely. She’s gotta do anal and like ATM too. Its also a given that she goes both ways and has a friend she can invite over to her trailer on short notice for a rimjobbing three some.

  1. I’m at the Gold Coast, QLD for the next 2 weeks. Broads have zero fucks to give about flashing anything. Remind me to tip my travel agent

      1. Riding the Final Night Wave in Australia

        8pm, downtown bar: “Last night in Aussie? This is heartbreaking, I know we just met – but I want to follow you back to the states…”

        10:30 pm, hotel room: “Congratulations are in order – I just elected you mayor of Upthabuttville. Let’s celebrate.”

        11 pm, hotel room: “Would love to stay but I have to work tomorrow. Spare some cab fare?”

        12:30 am, local bar: “Crikey, I poopdicked another she-la!”


    1. thats amazing. When I was a kid, we were for sure “The Griswalds.” Used to stay at KOA’s. Looks like it about time I asked “Sr Menace” if he plowed any KOA cougars in the above ground pool next to the bear traps.

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