Porterhouse funnels

I once watched a friend beer bong a pint of Popov vodka and thought he was hardcore.


Btw, I took a screenshot of the ad that played before the vid … – admin


19 thoughts on “Porterhouse funnels

      1. Admin, I always feel guilty when I don’t kick in on culo. It is a personal favorite. I’ve just run out of ways to describe the sick things I want to do and stuff. Number of comments on those posts doesn’t correlate to the level of appreciation. I know I’m not just speaking for myself. Although culo does make me speak to myself.

  1. Did….did she just take a load of waffle batter like it was a beer chugging contest? Is there an email for her so we can send her ideas of what to chug? I mean, TheDanzaTap loves to help people, right? Let’s send her some chicken grease and cheese whiz and hurry this process along.

  2. I’d give her friend Samantha a load of batter. You see those wheels when she walked up to the front door? OooooFuh

    And I think we should press charges on this pig. You see all that bacon she had on her plate? Cannibalism of family members is a crime, no?

  3. That is a classic feeder gainer relationship. You can see the love in Romeo’s eyes when the numbers on the scale show weight gain. Some guys need that kind of control. He learned after his last girlfriend Aunt Tiffany the stripper that skinny women will cheat. The path to a woman’s heart is chow and slowing them down. He loves her for who she is.

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