17 thoughts on “Thick Joe beat: Jergens for junior

  1. Reminds me of a joke:

    Guy asks his pharmacist for Viagra.

    “Can’t give you that without a prescription.”

    “But I just got divorced, so I hired these Brazilian twins to come over tonight.”

    “Oh. Then you want this. It’s a secret Chinese concoction made from goat horn and tiger claw. You will go all night with this.”

    “Thanks doc!”

    Next day, the guy is back at the pharmacy looking like shit.

    “Doc, please help me.” He pulls down his pants to reveal that his dick is bloody and shredded.

    Pharmacist says, “Holy shit!”

    “Yeah doc, you got any Ben Gay?”

    “You can’t put Ben Gay on that!”

    “It’s for my arms. The twins didn’t show up.”

    1. Black lady to pharmacist.
      Excuse meez. I’z gots my period and I’z don’t know what tampons to buy.

      I can help you, ma’am. What kind of a flow do you have?

      I’z gots a linoleum flo!

      1. What’s the difference between an NHL goalie and a black woman? An NHL goalie changes his pads every three periods

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