Miss TDT 2016: Daniela Baptista

Congratulations, Daniela Baptista, for being the first South American to ever grace the august pages of TheDanzaTap.


Just like their American counterparts, cabelleros back in her home country are champing at the bit to have at Daniela’s juggos.


Though customary in Quito to waive such formalities, TDT took great pains to confirm that Daniela’s ass checks out – and it do.


Rumors abound about Daniela having some wild times in her abuela’s high rise.


Hopefully she is not engaged to Ricky Martin. Can’t have that.


8 thoughts on “Miss TDT 2016: Daniela Baptista

  1. I’d learn Spanish and walk through Venezuela with cases of free toilet paper and frozen chicken to give her the best 30 seconds of my life.

    1. If she gets with some old Turkey who owns an NBA team, she can maybe graduate to a townhouse and a Bentley-in this case she deserves it.

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