20 thoughts on “Caption it: How many licks?

  1. Look at those burly man hands, by “licks” do you mean “how much torque can she put on a wrench to remove truck lug nuts?” I’ll say 200 lb-ft.

  2. All right, I’ll acknowledge I got this call wrong. It’s a bad angle. Admin, you breach your duty to us when you post unflattering pics when the chick is actually pretty hot and crazy, and almost certainly wildcat in the sack.

    1. Nothing wrong with the belly button, here’s a clarifying image from earlier in her years-long descent into trashy madness.

      1. That ok I because I would tell her my name was “The Donger” so she wouldn’t key the shit out of *my* car.

  3. Never in the light of day, but maybe in the dark. ten fingers of tequila. Who says you have to lick her, better the other way around.

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