Meat on Friday (sorry no rooster)

It’s back. Dig in.

A&T Sampler

Candied Yams

Giant Shramp

Swedish Meatballs

Ropa Vieja

Charbroiled Ribeye


Chateau Briand


Bon appetite los animales!

8 thoughts on “Meat on Friday (sorry no rooster)

  1. As always some fine ladies here, but fwiw admin, I prefer a little more undercarriage.

    A good day here at the sweetness household, as the mrs. had her annual review, a bit of a formality as she got a big promotion a few weeks ago. She was receptive to my suggestion we celebrate her bonus via bone-us.

    So I got that going for me, which is nice.

      1. What I’m trying to say is I would go back to the night I met Mrs. Burgundy and I would kick me in the nuts and say “This is a warning from the future. Some day very soon you will be able to order up free pussy with your phone like it’s a meatball sub. So don’t worry, you’re going to fuck her later, but when you take her on vacation in two years don’t bring a ring with you, you fucking pussy.” Or something like that.

  2. Wow.

    A&T Sampler – dick wrecker
    Candied Yams, Charbroiled Ribeye – Great, but I think I have a shot here
    Meringue – I like dat

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