FOK: Dana Hamm

Dana has given TDT readership an order and now it’s up to you: Fill or Kill ….

Hello webmaster,

This is Dana Hamm. I would like to be removed from your website or either submit images for a proper feature. Two of the images aren’t even me. I don’t appreciate the degrading comments.

That is copyright material and not up for grabs.

If you would like to redo post a proper feature like that seen on The Smoking jACKET we can do so, but I want what’s there now removed please.

Thank you. Dana

My 2 cents:

• She is straightforward and I appreciate that, I really do. Could be a fill. (Also beautiful in the bottom picture – don’t know why her photographer has her snarling like Elvis in the top one…)

• 2 of those pictures are not her? Will she tell us which ones so we’ll change the name to Diana Hammas and be done with the the strife? Could be a kill.

36 Responses to “FOK: Dana Hamm”

  1. Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington says:

    How are two of those pictures not her? She has a distinctive look but, because of the tone of her note — and the fact that she expressed an opinion at all — I withdraw my membership from her fan club. So there.

  2. Vertigo says:

    She’s also fat.

  3. moneyshot says:

    Kill and not worth my fill.

  4. SoCalMenace says:

    “That is copyright material and not up for grabs.”

    Yawn, its the interweb…..errrrrytings free. And Dana, call me

  5. Sir Splooge says:

    Would it be degrading to ask what her asshole tastes like? Or her opinion on the direction of the Eurozone?

  6. TW says:

    I’d hit it from behind but I’d be worried the whole time about catching a glimpse of her c*ck.

    You only learn that lesson once…..

  7. Ricky Retardo says:

    If Dana’s tits are leaking, why does The Danza Tap have to feel the pain? Oh, the mammarity….

  8. T-Bone says:

    Kill! She is a year or two away from being a Vivid Video regular where she will not only have to take the degrading comments but will also have to endure 60 minute bukkake sessions, double anal entry and possibly even have to swallow horse jizz. This is good practice for her.

  9. Phisty McBama says:

    Before the aggressive eyebrow waxing and make-up trowling, she was hawking deep fried pork cracklin’s from a cart at the Pennsyltucky State Fair. After having only placed at the inbreeding competition, she finally let her step uncle feel her ball bag while she Elvis-ed for Uncle Kreechs Kodak Instamatic. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Fuck off, there’s plenty more (and better) yang whappin’ fodder out there.”

  10. Jack Maehoffer says:

    She taken

  11. Tuba says:

    This woman is beyond hot.
    Give her whatever she wants….

  12. BigLub says:

    I say let it go. Something about this Hamm is just not kosher.

  13. Mike D says:

    Im confused…….is she claiming thats not her in the “Fuck Off Babies Its Dancin’ Time” pic? Builds are very similar.

  14. Unhedged says:

    Dana, this my friend Sara Eisen. I only have two more hours on the meter over at the Airport Homewood Suites. Can we all just get in the van already?

  15. E. Norm Stitz says:

    As if anyone is up and grabbing. A mediocre talent. Nice rack. Future P Diddy white party waitress. Expires September 2014. Then expensive recycled trash.

  16. The Donger says:

    Dana, so you like it rough, huh? Is that what you’re trying to tell us? I’m down with that. That Elvis snarl, your enormous natural melons, still round ass, and those mixed messages all do it for me. I am a huge buyer (provided you’re not packing any heat – if you know what I mean). You should look alot happier now. The Donger doesn’t just agree to bang anything you know.

  17. The Donger says:

    P.S – You can even include the little midget in the pic for a threesome if you like. Providing she’s also not packing any heat – if you know what I mean.

  18. I hate "k" says:

    Ahh, thanks for being respectful, but whatever, absolute kill. Take her off the site and never post her again if thats what she wants, in my opinion. If someone is looking to buy her, get me some borrow cause i will sell all day. She’s offering brown ice cubes in antartica. Yours…

  19. I hate "k" says:

    Actually my response would include both an F and a K. Simply – Fuckoff

  20. Ron Burgundy says:

    Dear Ms. Ham,

    You are a beautiful and voluptuous model, and you should not be representing yourself in business negotiations. My clients have appeared in several full length features and magazine layouts. Please provide your street address and apartment number and I will send a van to pick you up.

    Sincerely yours,
    Ron Burgundy
    Talent Agent

  21. Culo-Wise says:

    Bullshit she wrote that. Some fat chick-with-dick cunt like that HAS to take all she can get. I really am at a loss. Maybe I am too young for this site or something. Then again, there are subscription porn sites for scrotum-skin- between-toe-fetishes.

  22. Ralph Pootwan says:

    lamar would do her

  23. Bitchtern says:

    Fill her like a twinkie.

  24. Barack Obama says:

    I HOPE she CHANGES right in front of me so I can motorboat them titanic titties.

  25. Won Hung Lo says:

    Kill. She spoiled it all by thinking.

  26. Phisty McBama says:

    Size seller.

  27. Palmer Bottoms says:

    She’s not even white.

  28. Fastandcash says:

    I am buying puts and writing calls on this piece of white trash. You can put diamonds on a pile of shit….but it’s still shit. Sadly, this is her 15 minutes of fame.

  29. j says:

    Can we rent? I mean, before we buy, shouldn’t we all be able to try out the merchandise?

  30. Bgatorsmith says:

    This broad could use a night or two with Thick Joe.

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