17 thoughts on “Cul O’ Miercoles

  1. Next time I’m sitting in economy on a plane I’m going to look up and see that fat cunt Aquatic attempting to wedge her monster can into the seat beside me.

    I distinctly asked for “fresh wrap” I protest loudly……

  2. It takes me back to a special place and time. The look of utter disgust as a local slut finally gives into my relentless drunkin badgering and lets me fuck her.

    1. Reminds me of the days at the Crazy Sexy in Frankfurt Germany, right next to the bahnhof. Five stories of anything you want, even for that guy. Sex, full bar, al fresco dining, a true urban oasis.

  3. Not gonna lie yesterday was great with the spring ahead Wednesday meat on Tuesday but now this morning it isn’t even 10AM yet and I am in total withdrawal expecting my Wednesday feeding and literally shaking with the DT’s at my desk under the assumption I may not see ass again until Friday which is 48 long hours away. Can you spare an ass or a tit admin? Maybe a shaved beaver? I am dying over here…

    1. There’s this thing called “Google”. Just yesterday I typed in “heart shaped ass” and it was fascinating.

      1. Well sure. But everybody knows its way better when someone serves it up for you lovingly. It’s just like food, hookers, etc.

        I despise the faggot word curated, but ya, what he said!

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