Slo-mo Upton redux

Maybe you seen this. Maybe you want to see it again.

That Upton is some kind of beechnut.

Against all odds Scott Baio nabs this site’s top Italian-American hero for off screen achievements.

So if Chachi has any gas left in the tank, and I’m guessing he does, Mark Sanchez better cancel pizza night with his OL and mind the home fires because Baio is loose and gunning to Eggert some Upton.

7 Responses to “Slo-mo Upton redux”

  1. j says:

    I’d tell her I was Italian if that’s what turned her on.

  2. Jam Akin says:

    Wow…Chachi’s had relations with quite a big name list. And a one night stand with Natalie Raitano of “Famous Shit Stories”. “Dirty” Sanchez has got some competition here.

  3. Vertigo says:

    Upton’s Miss Tap 2011 forever, and nobody has loved it more than me. She’s elite, wish I had a swing like that in my backyard.

    Now we have to find Miss 2012. As admin’s boy Barack says: yes we can.

  4. big ups says:

    I am working on a quantitative model showing positive correlation between Nicole Eggert’s weight/hotness and European sovereign credit.

    Much as I would like, it’s too late to ever make things right.

  5. Travis the chimp says:

    I lost all respect for chachi when I saw Minelli on that list.

  6. Hugh Chardon says:

    Minelli dated Peter Allen? … WTF?

  7. BigAl says:

    Wait…there’s not sound on this video…but I do hear something that sounds like meat slapping together elsewhere in a cubicle nearby!

    “Jerry, you on the danzatap again?”

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