19 thoughts on “China beat: Life goes on (for most)

  1. The Chinese respect for human life is legendary. Not one person pissed on this poor individual or drove their car, bike or jitney over him in over 2 minutes of video.

    1. At Geary and Gough you’d see an explosion of pink plastic bags holding ducks and pickled frogs. Otherwise balls on.

  2. I am no doubt one of the biggest jack asses around. But even SoCal thinks that is terrible. Such a downer. Bring on the gash admin. Twat Tuesday?

  3. At least he had the courtesy to slide clear of the intersection. In Chicago you don’t see that kind of politeness.

  4. True story.

    A buddy of mine is over in ChiCommville for MLB to “spread the game of baseball”. So, they are being bused to the park one day and he looks out the window on the right side of the bus and sees this little woman flying up the side of the bus on her moped or min-rice rocket thing.

    Anyway, she speeds to the front of the bus and the next thing he hears is the driver yell some crazy ass gibberish and punches the gas. There is a noise and the bus goes over a big bump.

    He jumps up and rushes to the back with a few of the American on the bus. To their shock, the woman and her bike are now mu shu pork. Or, mu shu chink depending how you look at it.

    So they insist the driver stop. The interpreter tells them, “The bitch deserved it.”

    They get to the park and call the cops. Cops take a statement and tell the driver to be more careful in the future. Later, they called their US Consulate liaison and he says: “Wi Fukem Yung isn’t just a name, it’s a slogan. Don’t worry, they’ll make more.”

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