Fight breaks out at girl fight

1 dead. 9 arrested.

It all started when dozens of people came to the 2200 block of the Chaps Lane in Hephzibah to see two girls fight.

Fisticuff escalation vid fans will really enjoy this one.

Them Hephzibah girls.

40 thoughts on “Fight breaks out at girl fight

  1. I thought black people were generally better with bats than that and I can’t believe nobody brought a gun to a car fight.

  2. I hope if the driver ran into one of those, they had the decency to stop and at least try to find their owner, or bring them straight the vet.

  3. After some research:

    I noticed who the sheriff was….

    Richmond County Sheriff “Richard Roundtree” told the Chronicle the fight began as an argument between two girls at school, but continued to escalate over time as more people got involved, choosing sides, and eventually meeting on Chaps Lane.


  4. Bad taste + bad spelling = “Police arrested Quiauna Henley, Quiasha Henley, A’Lexis Cain, Tyteanna Thomas, Raheem Jobes, Myah Dunbar, Eyvette Lashawn Byrd.”

    Thankfully a Demetrius and a Lamont were also arrested to normalize the list.

  5. You can put a cat in the oven, but that don’t make it a cookie.

    By the way, we’re all done with our fasting this good friday, and our penance by commenting on this rotten post, so wheres the fucking MEAT!

  6. The big winner in all of this was Demajhay Bell, who’s dead and no longer has to wake up in this shithole of a neighborhood anymore.

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