Campus beat: My little brother in hot water again

Goddammit. And he was doing so good too.

It looks like the little fella went ahead and appropriated someone else’s culture for his own personal use – much to the administration’s chagrin.

San Francisco State 4 eva!

15 thoughts on “Campus beat: My little brother in hot water again

  1. Soooooooo, should I be mad at every single black person that works and has a job because they are insulting my culture?

    Fucking pussies in the world now.

  2. hilarious….liberals eating their own.

    sooner or later the truth (and the invoice) will surface. but liberals never learn.

  3. I normally wouldn’t have any sympathy for Joe Dirts, but I kind of feel bad for this guy being accused of impersonating Beyonce like that. She doesn’t even know what he is like on the inside. He could be a transgender oppressed white woman.

    Fucking A man, Fucking A.

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