Culo Miércoles por mi amigo


Great dame.






20 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles por mi amigo

  1. “whole” as in whole day spent staring at that ass. that thing is in complete control of all my faculties right now

  2. Admin, that must be some friend you have. This could be the best Culo offering ever. With friends like you who needs hookers!!!

    1. Thank you!

      One of my best friends died on Friday. He was the glue of a tight bunch of friends growing up on Long Island. He was fucking phenomenal, calling sports radio shows in the middle of the night before I even knew there was such a thing as sports radio. Around town he knew everyone and everyone knew him.

      Though he got no ass, he basically considered himself on par with a movie star in terms of desirability and I’d guess 90% of people who knew him on the floor of the stock exchange loved him because he was all heart, funny and great company – and 10% hated him because he was up in your shit.

      He went to Loyola New Orleans for about 7 years and came back a ridiculous LSU fan. Looking at all the feedback on Facebook, his Lousiana/Florida boys felt the same about him as his NY buddies. Kind of knew that already though.

      Married a witch who divorced him (yeah, he had problems) and did whatever she could to torment him and keep him from seeing his two kids, even after he cleaned himself up and flew right. She took the kids to Florida and he followed suit, hustling here and there for work and driving an UBER in Miami. There’s no more stock exchange for anyone anyway.

      Saw a picture of his kid at probably his first little league at bat the other day and lost my shit. He’ll never know his dad and when he could have someone was trying to poison his mind against him.

      Though this comment is in homage to him, the post is still Culo Miercoles, which is essentially an ongoing homage to all the ass out there.

      1. Sorry for your loss. Life long close friends like that are hard to come by. As a fellow Long Islander w/ close buddies still out there I share your sentiments across the board. Keep the ass a flying in his honor.

  3. Fair winds and smooth seas to your buddy, admin.
    Sorry for your loss.

    BTW, what the hell is with the AfroBeaver on the Renegade click thru?
    You’d need a machete to get through that thing

  4. I would like to thank Admin’s dead buddy for inspiring him to do such commendable work. Hope he’s balls deep in a few virgins up there. RIP

    Further, I hope that cunt of an ex wife catches a case of crabs so bad that they completely drain her blood and leave her to rot in a Miami crack den. Once the kids are grown and supporting themselves of course.

  5. I can’t imagine the depth of your loss, I can only recommend a night out with some of his other friends. Remember him Chivas Regally and give him a Crown Royal sendoff. It’s helped me through dark times like this.

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