Who put Buffalo Butt on the $20 bill?

So the petty bolsheviks are at it again, tearing a page straight out of the Soviet playbook: you tear down the old heroes and create new ones that advance the cause.


And everyone knows you can’t just tear down a great man willy-nilly, you have to attack his legacy and trash and tarnish him first. Andrew Jackson was a great president. He was a general, a self-made man, and he beat ass.

And once he was loaded know what he did? He bought the fastest racehorse in the land and birthed the modern racing industry in the sense that every single thoroughbred horse in the world is a direct descendant of this great man’s horse.

Squad forming

Squad forming

Last I checked there are no Jews on money, that might be your injustice. If you’re gonna take out Jackson (step 1 in taking out Andrew Jackson: wait until he’s dead – anyone trying this while he was alive would have been personally cleaved by his axe) – then they at least should have put a Goldman or a Sachs up there instead.

11 thoughts on “Who put Buffalo Butt on the $20 bill?

  1. They put a gun toting Republican woman on the twenty. I’m ok with this. They should show her packing a gun though.

  2. This is only the tip of the iceberg. All denominations feature someone who could be called a racist today. Won’t be long before MLK bumps George Washington. The Founders deserve better than this.

  3. i wrote my congressman with two suggestions for the black $20:

    1) Richard Dent
    2) Gary Coleman in a jockey uniform holding a lantern

    I have not heard back

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