FOK: Bully and her minion

Sacred can be the bond that forms between a bully and her minion.

Just look at these two … no, really – look at them.


You get one fill – so who gets it, the bully or the minion?

11 thoughts on “FOK: Bully and her minion

  1. Fill the bully but only if I can get in before I have to hear her say a single word or if I can wear the earmuffs they give you at the range.

  2. It’s obviously a package deal, these two would team up for wild, wild times. The bullied one would try so hard. Fill / fill

  3. A good Christian girl with two Playboy bunny tats. I admire that. She’ll give anal upstairs in the hotel room after a few margaritas. Fill then stick your dick in hydroclorich acid

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