RIP Prince

Everybody batdance – here is prince blowing everyone off the stage at george harrison’s farewell concert.

Take a final report you hairy little ass-grabbing genius.

17 thoughts on “RIP Prince

    1. And Vanity. And Kim Bassinger. And many others. He got more ass than a subway seat. And he gave us great tunes without molesting little boys.

      The iPad will feature an endless loop of Sexy MF, The Pope and Soft and Wet this weekend.

      RIP you filthy purple midget freak show.

  1. Watched him get boo’d of the stage opening for the Stones at the LA colesium in 1985 and went on to tell the world “Get fucked, if you don’t like my music”. RIP
    You really are now “the Artist Formerly Known As”, lol

    1. Indeed, Purple Rain came out in my rookie year of fornication and was in the background for a lot of it.

      I’m told he got some of this:

    1. Me, too. I defy all of you to not feel the beat of “Stayin’ Alive”.

      The Purple Freaky Midget was just that. But, he wrote the song track to all my teenage fantasies…

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