When Meat on Fridays

Fair Warning: A strong love of thickness is overpowering key contacts in the DanzaTap’s network. At some point in the calendar year a MOF will transpire consisting of nothing but porterhouse. This flabfest will likely rank with the Bi-Curious Dong Frenzy And Subsequent Wangsmash of 2013 as a watershed moment in TDT history.

Thelma’s Mystery Meat

Spring Roll

A&T Luau

Stuffed Shells

Broiled Lamb Shank

Lobster Raviolo


Cajun Ribeye


Bon appetite los animales!

13 thoughts on “When Meat on Fridays

  1. It’s a sad day in America when the bullshit transgender PC movement invades TDT. Does meat on Friday also include the sausage that Lobster Luigi is packing?

  2. Timely post admin-
    Every time that AT&T commercial comes on, I can’t figure out whether to fill or kill Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub- she’s a little thick but I find myself masturbating every time I drive by an AT&T store. Perhaps a little tradesmen advice?

    1. Totally agree. I’ve done a 180 on her. Now she’s at the top of my ” I need to see her tits” list. Feels odd though.

  3. I’ll be away that Friday admin.

    All the Porternouse can blow me, that’s about it. Then get the fuck out fatties.

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