Going down the road feeling bad: Chicago

Oh-kay, here’s the situation
My momma doin a stint, 3-year vacation
Pay attention, here’s the thick of the plot
Some lady pulled up to the corner at the end of my block
That’s when she saw this young thug walking
She honked her horn just to get my attention
She said, “is that gun yours?”
I said, “Yeah”
She said, “Why?”
I said, “Come on and turn some tricks for a helluva guy”
She said, “How do I know you’re not sick?
You could be some deranged lunatic”
I said, “C’mon toots – I’m only an 8-year old =
Beside, would a lunatic have a Glock like this?”

Meanwhile in Iraq…

16 thoughts on “Going down the road feeling bad: Chicago

  1. Top vid: good thing that 9mm was confiscated, in that hood he’ll need a .45
    Bottom: I didn’t know car bomb training was so strenuous

  2. All I could understand is Hell No Hell ya and Momma.

    Is there something wrong with me? I don’t speak jive!

  3. Love how the lady holds the gun gangster style (on its side) while she’s pointing it at the kid.

    I don’t know who I would bet on in a fight between Chiraq and Iraq. They both look like they’ve seen some shit, can hold their own, and have no fucks to give.

    Admin: belated condolences on the passing of your friend.

  4. Say what you will about the muslims, but no way any broad tries to take away little Ahmad’s grenade launcher.

  5. The little Iraqi kid made me smile, that’s cute. We had a “farm car” when I was a kid, a beat-up Ford Escort, and we did shit just like that (well, front wheel drive shit like that) and if we messed it up we had to fix it if we wanted to drive it again. The little guy lives in such a miserable shithole, I’m glad he can have a little fun.

    And as for Chiraq, she she’s a crass dumbass, but what’s remarkable here is seeing is a parent taking RESPONSIBILITY for another kid and her neighborhood best way she knows how. No way would any of the bitchy plastic surgery moms in Trollboton slow their Cayennes down for a kid who needed direct intervention like that.

    The Danza Tap: Today’s life affirmation brought to you by retards who will make you smile. ™

  6. ironic that in reprimanding him, she’s sweeping that barrel across his body time after time, pointing it directly at him. Those 1911s (?) are not to be messed with.

  7. Is it bad that I wanted the gun to go off so we could rid ourselves of one of them? Prefer in the car so “Shirley” cant have no mo keeeeeeeeids

  8. $100 says she just needed a hot gun to shoot the person in the mug shot on the dash at the end of the video. Actually pretty good plan…

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